Wyvern lake

Still a work in progress. Now very few things to adjust.

Here is a picture I am working on lately. Done in Bryce.
I am experimenting a few things on this one. :

  • More detailed, smoother rocks based on the ones of Bryce
  • Detailed grass (not really visible here)
  • Use of HDR image as a background

At this stage, I needed to fix a series of things

  • The mountains in the background give no sense of depth
  • The Wyvern isa bit too large
  • It lacks a propper foreground
  • The wyvern reflection is cut

wyvern lake

A newer version. I have modified most of the annoying aspects. I still need to change the reeds in the foreground.
I think I have found a nice atmosphere settings now. No HDRI tough.

Wyvern lake WIP 2