3d links

Yes, there are already scores of websites describing all the 3D links you need on the Internet, but still, I wanted to make my own list. The sites herein are the ones that are in my bookmarks, the ones that I visit regularily, the ones that have interesting resources you won't find anywhere else, or simply websites I visit when I am in need of inspiration.

Interesting reading

Scan the World

A collection of 7500+ downloadable classic sculptures scanned and ready to print... or render

Index of refraction charts

When creating materials, especially PBR ones, you often need to find their index of refraction. This website provides a handy alphabetical list.

Markus Vogt

Markus is a german digital artist who excells in making science fiction images of technical futuristic environments as well as more abstract pictures.

Yann Souetre

A gallery of stunning Sci-Fi computer graphics art.


A very large 3d model bank with hundreds of thousands of items at every price. Also a nice series of free samples. Every model is available in several different formats.

Curious 3d

A gallery of 3d pictures by Cynthia Decker. Her images are both expressive and very well done.

D&D Creations

D&D Creations was initiated by Drea Horvath and Michel Rondberg and proposes resources for e-On Software Vue as well as galleries of their work.

C4D Cafe

C4D Cafe is the definitive resource for Cinema 4d tutorials and plugin utilities


Polantis proposes a selection of free 3d models, mostly for architecture visualization. It uses a selection tray to enable multiple downloads.

HiveWire 3d

A good resource for Poser models at every price. Some interesting and original animals and less lingerie and girly stuff that at Renderosity or DAZ 3d

HDRI Haven

A selection of quality HDRI maps at very high resolution and reasonable prices.

Meshbox design

This website proposes a series of original 3d building models, organized in sets. The most famous ones are the fantasy ones: elven village, dwarven village, towers of magic, haunted city. Individual buildings or whole villages can be purchased. The direct link to the building models page is here.


The website of Helmut Schaub and Doro Forster contains galleries and a selection of very original free 3d models.

Vanishing Point

This store proposes a fine range of 3d products including models for Vue and Poser that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are looking for very specific models such as a Vietcong outfit for Poser or a complete WWII light weapons pack, look no further!

Sci-Fi Meshes

This website has an impressive gallery of 3d Sci-Fi art and also offers a range of Sci-Fi models. These are mostly spaceshipgs from different TV series or movies from Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek to Star Wars.

3d Collections

Free 3d furniture models. Many seem quite detailed and some are available in series. You can therefore furnish full rooms in the same style with them. A very good resource for architectural renders.

Apollo Maximus - free Poser figure

Apollo Maximus is an original model for Poser available for free. It is very flexible in use and comes with several clothing packages and haristyles.

3D Universe

A website from the maker of 3d toon and the V4 Ranger I used on one of my images. Offers 3d models both for sale and free. Also brokers models at DAZ.

3D Xtras

A website with thousands of models for free. Most are contemporary objects: cars, furniture, buildings and weapons.

Medieval Worlds

A website with a large number of medieval images and an incredible selection of 3d models, both free and for sale, distributed through Turbosquid : castles, weapons, furniture...

Xurge 3d

Xurge 3d proposes custom outfit for the most common Poser characters: Michael, Victoria, David, Stephanie. The outfits are either heroic fantasy or sci-fi ones.

Geekatplay Studio

Geekatplay is one of the best online Vue and Poser tutorial resource. All tutorials are detailed in a video and describe how to make a full scene, focusing on a few specific aspects. I always discover new functions when I watch one. The website also has a nice collection of 3d models for sale.


An original 3d model collection. Models are made from ultra high quality 3d scans

Lumis Image Headquarters

3d Graphic site, related to Mojoworld, Bryce, Poser, Xenodream, VUE, a photography gallery. Local weather station. Tesla coil. Screensavers and models for download.