3d links

Yes, there are already scores of websites describing all the 3D links you need on the Internet, but still, I wanted to make my own list. The sites herein are the ones that are in my bookmarks, the ones that I visit regularily, the ones that have interesting resources you won't find anywhere else, or simply websites I visit when I am in need of inspiration.

Interesting reading

Quixel Megascans

A resource for stunningly realistic materials and objects, made from high res scans.

3d resources

A useful website with tutorials covering several different 3d applications, 3d models mainly in 3dsMax format, textures, a gallery and a forum.

Digital Wasteland

David Lloyd is a gifted Bryce user and modeller that makes stunning medieval scenes involving dozens and sometimes hundreds of Poser characters. He explains how he made some of his images in a series of tutorials.

CADtutor Bryce tutorials

A series of tutorials showing possible Bryce interactions with AutoCAD. The website also contains several other tutorials, all covering possibilities of AutoCAD. Cadtutor also has a collection of Bryce materials geared towards architecture design that is available here.

The Celestia Motherlode

The best resource I could find for planetary maps. This website has huge maps (some are 4000 pixels wide) of most of the objects in the solar system, including satellites I did not know of. The most detailed ones are textures of the earth; some of them are 55 Mb (in jpg format)

World Creator

World Creator is the new incarnation of Geocontrol 2 software. Its new website shows the possibilities of their GPU powered landscape generator.

Il serait une fois

The website of a digital traveller using Bryce,Terragen, Mojoworld and Artmatic for his trips. Beautiful eerie pictures of outer space. For the non-french speaking folks out there, the name of the website could be translated by "once would be a time" .

3D Valley

One of the largest and most complete 3D resources with the best free models, textures, tutorials, plug-ins, 3D modeling and rendering software links. Also has its own models and galleries for users

3D Render

The website of Jeremy Birn, the Author of the excellent book Digital Lighting and Rendering. 3DRender also contains a lighting contest with dozens of stunning entries.


A very large texture repository with dozens of categories and hundreds of textures. Some of them are pretty large sized (more than 2000 pixels in length).
Users have a download quota.

Luc Bianco

Luc Bianco's Terragen website is back with his always stunning images, now done with V4.

Didier Florentz

A great 3d illustrator working with the press. His first websites were impressive mixes of Flash and Poser characters rendered in 3ds Max. Taking a look at his website, I just realized he was also a very experienced nature photographer, one of the few capable of getting nice photos of the elusive european wildcat.

3D Diablotine

3D Diablotine is a quite active French community website with a forum covering a large selection of software (Bryce, Poser, Vue, Photoshop). The forums also contain an extensive collection of links to tutorials. More links to Bryce tutorials can be found on this page. This should keep you busy for some time.