Vue 7 news

E-On Software has sent a flurry of news about Vue 7. Here is the detail of its new offerings.

New Vue 7 versions

Until now, only Vue 7 Infinite and XStream were available. All the intermediate versions of Vue 7 can now be purchased.  Vue 7 Esprit, Pro Studio and Complete are available in English, as download versions. Boxed and localized versions witll be available later on.

The pricing is more aggressive than it was earlier, but E-On offers the upgrade to those who purchased these new versions after November the 15th. There are also upgrade prices. Full detail about these versions is available from E-On Software's website

Vue 7 Pioneer for free

Vue 7 Pioneer, the replacement for Vue 6 Easel is now available for free as an open beta. Users of the open beta version will be able to use the embedded reporting feature to send notices to E-On (just like Infinite and XStream users have been doing in the past month) and will get the final version for free.

The beta is downloaded from Cornucopia 3d and can be obtained here.

Vue 7 Infinite and XStream service pack 1

E-On has also released a service pack for the two most expensive versions of Vue. I have browsed the list of fixes, but not seen some of the errors I had reported. It might therefore need some testing.

The upgrade can be downloaded at the usual place.