Real World Bryce 4


Real World Bryce 4 (RWB4) is the most detailed and useful book you may find about Bryce. It will work nicely with version 6.

Real World Bryce 4A few years ago, I purchased a book called Real World Bryce 2, which proved so useful that the side of its pages is now brown and its cover is a bit worn out. Real World Bryce 4 was the long-awaited successor of this book, and I purchased it very soon after it was out.

Its 900 pages, are full of vital info about Bryce. Everything that was not put in the manual is here, making it an ideal complement for it.

The book is no longer available new, but you can get it secondhand. It is high time Susan Kitchens (Auntialias) makes a new book about Bryce 6!

I followed a tutorial from RWB4 to make the clouds and dazzling light effect in my Promised Land 3 image.