Practical Poser 7

This book details the ins and outs of edition 7 of Poser... and goes beyond that.

Practical Poser 7 As I have been using Poser since version 2 (I think) I have several shelved Poser manuals. The striking thing about the manual of edition 7 is that is uses pictures that were already in older manuals (probably edition 4). I suspect that some text paragraphs were also reused.

This book goes far beyond the manual... and beyond the simple use of Poser alone. For instance it shows how to create runtime libraries, but also how to install Poser characters from different vendors. It details UV mapping of models in UV Mapper pro and Bodypaint 3d. It shows how to paint textures in Photoshop with a layered image and how to create maps useable in Poser.

The book is really true to its title. My only nitpick is that the chapter on creating clothes could have been a bit more detailed.