Getting started with Vue

This post lists a series of useful sources of information you may use to get you started with E-On Software's Vue program.

Getting Vue

The best way to choose the version of Vue most suitable to your needs is to check the comparative chart on the E-On Software website.  Another possibility is to download and use the Vue 6 Personal Learning Edition. This trial version never expires and renders images in full size. The only limitation is that images have a large logo on them and are watermaked.

Vue 6 boxes

Learning the basics

When you launch a reasonably advanced 3d program for the first time, you are generally a bit lost. I knew Bryce and so quickly got familiar with the basics of Vue, but if you have never used a 3d landscape app, you will need simple instructions to get started.
E-On software has a series of short video tutorials that showcase the major functions of Vue. They will enable you to create your first scenes with ease.

Online tutorials

There are a series of good tutorials resources for Vue on the web apart from the ones found on this website (which are rather advanced). You will need to have a fair knowledge of the interface of Vue to complete them.

  • Geekatplay Studios : offers more than 70 extensive Vue tutorials. They typically describe how to create a full scene, focusing on a series of specific functions.
  • Chipp Walters has interesting tutorials and Vue products on his website.
  • Silverblade offers tutorials for Vue and other softare.
  • Paroge 3d proposes a few interesting tutorials
  • The SkinVue website has a wealth of Vue tutorials
  • The Graphique 3d website has a series of tutorials and impressive demos of what can be done in Vue (in the 'scenes' section)

Downloadable tutorials

Other tutorials can be downloaded and used as a reference

  • Asile FX has many dowloadable video tutorials for Vue available for reasonable prices

The Vue community

Some Vue users are really ready to help and answer questions. They can be found on a series of 3d community websites: