Full uninstall of Vue 7

When making tries with the newer Vue 7.4 beta, I messed up with the "revert to previous version" function and ended up with a totally broken program. It was time for a full reinstall, following the advice of Chipp Walters.

The following is gathered from this Chipp Walters message on the Renderosity forums. I copied it here to have a handy reference in case I needed it.

To delete completely your version of Vue in Vista:

(If you're just reinstalling, then you can skip step 5).

1. Uninstall (when available) from the Vista programs and features section. 

2. Delete the "C:Program Files\e-on software\Vue 7 Infinite" folder. You may need to reboot in order to be able to delete this folder.

3. Delete the "C:Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\e-on software" folder. 

4. Delete the "C:Users\(username)\Documents\e-on software\Vue 7 Infinite" folder. 

5. In the registry, delete the following keys: 
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\e-on software\Vue 7 Infinite 

6. If these .REG files are present, they should be removed: 
    "C:\Windows\e-on License Server 3.reg" 
    "C:\Windows\Vue 7 Infinite.reg" 

Additional information: 
The user folder is indeed in "C:\Users\(username)\" on Vista. 
but it's in "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\" on XP/Win2K. 

For 64bit OS, here are the different application folders depending on your application: 
Vue 7 Infinite is located in "C:\Program Files\e-on software\Vue 7 Infinite" 
Vue 7 xStream 64bit is located in "C:\Program Files\e-on software\Vue 7 xStream" 
Vue 7 xStream 32bit is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\e-on software\Vue 7 xStream" 

On MacOSX, the application folder is in: 
/Applications/Vue 7 Infinite 
/Applications/Vue 7 xStream 

Still on MacOSX, the user folder is in: 
/Users/(username)/.e-on software/ 

Also, don't forget the temp folder: 

C:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\Temp\eon