Free 3d ship models

A series of amazing ship models for free

Forget about Turbosquid, Renderosity or the DAZ 3d models. Take a look a this collection of amazing free 3d ship models by Jed Swindels at Share CG: the Black Pearl, Flying Dutchman, Red Lion, Prince William and more.

The only problem for Vue users: these models are in Bryce format.
You will need to convert them in order to use them.  

Here is how:


  • Import the .obp file in Bryce
  • Load it in a scene
  • Select the model and click to "m" near it
  • Change all the textures to flat white
    Bryce 6 crashes when exporting models in any format that includes texture maps. This is the only way I found to bypass this problem
  • Export in .obj format
  • Import in Vue and rework the textures one by one.
If you apply a bitmap texture in parametric mapping mode, you will notice that you still have the UV coordinates, so you can normally map sails and so on.


Jed Swindels ship and other models