Focal length simulation


The images were made using the equivalents of 20mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm and 600mm lenses, or at least their equivalent in Bryce..

First, here is what you view at 20mm (ultra wide angle) 

The next picture uses a focal length of about 50mm

View at 50mm

Here is the view you get at 100 mm. You now start to make out the subject.

View at 100mm

 Here is the view at 200mm

View at 200mm

 And if you are rich enough, you can afford a 600mm to get this view.

View at 600mm


Behind the scenes

Bryce does not mention the focal length equivalent, but it does mention the field of view in degrees. I made a conversion to find the focal length equivalents.

Items used

The oryx is from the antelope expansion pack for the DAZ buck.

Antelope expansion pack