Impressive demo of the Cryengine 2 level editor


The Crysis level editor is demoed at a trade show. Impressive visualization capacities!

 I know this is not the same thing as the programs I use, but I nevertheless find this demo fascinating.

Part one:
Part two:
This editor enables a VERY detailed preview of terrains, with adaptative LOD (level of details), full texture preview and animation. More than everything else, it keeps a good framerate with millions of polygons displayed.

If I had anything remotely equivalent in the 3d landscape software I currently use (Vue 6), it would be heaven!
Instead, I have plants displayed as panels, incomplete texture previews, large objects that end up being displayed as boxes and even with that, the display panes constantly flicker. I thought that getting a decent video card (8800 GTS 512) would somewhat improve things, but the above defaults are still there. I really hope that e-On Software will give Vue 7 more decent previews.