Bitmap 2 material test

Testing new tools to make seamless textures and displacements. Bitmap 2 Material does the job !

I was previousely using a combination of different apps to rework bitmap textures: 

  • ImageSynth 2 to create tileable images
  • Crazybump to generate displacement and occlusion maps

But ImageSynth has lots of trouble with Win 64 bits. My copy still works, but crashes frequently. 

I heard of Bitmap 2 Material, an app developped by Allegorithmic and part of the Substance suite.

I was interested by its functions:

  • It makes tileable bitmaps with a series of powerful algorithms
  • It detects the bumps and generates displacement, normal, bump maps 

The results look better than the ones obtained with Crazybump, especially for displacement which look less spiky once rendered in Vue.

Bitmap 2 material vs Crazybump

Here is a quick workflow tutorial of Bitmap 2 Material 3.