First tests with 3d Coat V3

The latest version of 3d Coat includes a complete set of features to paint models, but also voxel sculpting.

old beech trunkI had purchased 3d Coat V2, but honestly did not have time to start working seriousely with it. I followed a few tests but did not go much further.

3d Coat was, however, more accessible than ZBrush to me and when V3 was finalized, I purchased the upgrade.
I have barely started to work with it, and my tries look ridiculous compared to the works of more serious artists, but I am already having fun with it.
To the right is an old beech trunk I am designing for an upcoming scene.

Voxel sculpting looks complicated at first, but its most basic practice is deceiptively simple. I modelled the base trunk shape with traditional methods in Hexaon, then imported it in 3D Coat and reworked it until I got the right shape. I then painted bark and moss on it directly.


Here is a small presentation of Voxel sculpting.


3d Coat is available as a 30 days free trial. The full professional licence costs $200. 
More information is available on the 3d Coat website.